New Hunting Rifle from Remington

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At last year’s SHOT Show, Remington announced a new hunting rifle:  the 783.  The 783 is a bolt-action gun designed to replace the marginal 770 line of guns.  It offers improved performance at a price significantly cheaper than the company’s flagship 700 series rifles.

Rem 783 rifle

The gun has a user-adjustable trigger system, similar to that used by Savage, including the trigger safety first made popular on Glock pistols many moons ago.  The trigger is adjustable to something much lighter than the factory set of about 3.5 pounds.  I prefer something closer to 2.5 pounds.  Remington calls the trigger the CrossFire trigger system.

Like most good hunting guns, the 783 does not come with iron sights.  It is drilled and tapped for a scope, however.  With a decent scope, this rifle becomes a very accurate shooter.  I had a chance to work with one recently, and I was extremely impressed.  Groups of about 1.5″ – 2″ with standard hunting ammunition were typical at 100 yards.  I imagine with a tailored load, you could get this down to 1″.

Remington 783

The rifles are all black and have a synthetic stock.  I’ve been told that Remington will announce camo stocks at the Shot Show in 2014.  I expect the new rifles will use RealTree camo, but I am guessing at that.  It is possible to see some non-proprietary camo patterns.  I wouldn’t rule out something like MultiCam, but I suspect that is a slim possibility at best.

Remington 783 barrels are 22″ long on guns chambered for standard cartridges.  For guns shooting magnum calibers, 24″ long barrels are standard.  The barrels are free floated, which is a nice touch for a budget rifle.

Rem 783

Right now, the guns are available in four calibers: .270 Win, .30-06 Sprg, .308 Win, and 7mm Rem Mag.  With those initial calibers, the company covers the most popular hunting ammo and establishes the gun in both short- and long-action varieties.  I would expect to hear about new chamberings of this gun in 2014.  For example, I would expect to hear of introductions in .243 Win, 7mm-08 and .300 Win Mag.  A .260 Roberts would be nice, but I seriously doubt they will add that.  A .223 Rem is a good possibility.

I think these new rifles will be in the Remington line up for many years to come.  I look forward to picking up one in .270 Win and getting into the field with it.


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Women and Hunting

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me outside huntingFor whatever reason people don’t think women don camo clothing and take a rifle or bow into the field to harvest game for the dinner table. In straight numbers, more men are in tree stands than women, but the percentage of hunters who are female has been growing for years, and will soon equal that of men.

Why might we women go hunting? For many of the same reasons a man would.

Many of us like to know where our food is coming from. I garden so I can have fresh vegetables that are free of harmful pesticides and tainted by GMO. Likewise, when I put deer, turkey or pig on the table, I know it is free of steroids that most commercially produced meat is pumped full of.

I think I can speak for a lot of women who will say that the time in the outdoors is a way to reconnect with both nature and our history as humans. Just the act of being outside, removed from the trappings of modern society, is refreshing and rejuvenates me as a woman. The sounds of the woods, the breeze across the plains, the sound of falling rain and the silence created by fresh snow – these are the things that make me feel alive.

Hunting is also empowering. I’ve been to these stupid corporate team building activities where yelling is supposed to empower you. What crap. Learning a skill that sustains you and your family at the most basic level – that is empowering! The ability to grow food, hunt game, and physically protect your family are things that genuinely empower people.

I’ve become more involved in hunting over the years. My mother took me hunting as a small girl. I started with a single shot .243 rifle and worked my way up. I’ve shot all sorts of game with rifle and shotgun as an adult.

I have recently gotten into bow hunting, which is a much more challenging activity. Stalking an animal with a bow is probably one of the toughest things to learn. Yet, I have successfully done it. My hat’s off to our ancient ancestors who did it regularly to survive.

One of the things I would like to do is to encourage more women to get into hunting. We are a growing number, but the stereotypes perpetrated in the media are tough for some ladies to overcome. I’d like to bring more of my sisters into the field and teach them real skills that they should know. The experience is unlike anything else, and I want to share this with women all over the country.


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